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Watch the American Thighs online guitar lesson by Angus Clark from Hard Rock Survival Guide: Lead

The first half of this solo centers around the third position. The phrases at the beginning are shorter. As the solo progresses, more minor pentatonic licks show up and I shift higher on the neck to set myself up for the downbeat of the second half of the solo, where I nail the G in the higher octave for maximum impact. It's all rockin' out from that point on and I encourage you to have a blast with this track, but always focus on creating a concise solo in the time allowed by the form. That is the real challenge, you can spend some time "jamming" in order to find your feet, but then you should hunker down and get a nice solo mapped out for yourself.

While the overall vibe here is very Angus Young inspired, most of my licks that mix major and minor pentatonic are Clapton licks. He rocked pretty hard when he was in a band called Cream, and when Sabbath came out they accused Iommi and co. of being Cream imitators. While I bristle at anyone calling Iommi anything other than a genius, I get what they mean. There's some live Cream stuff that gets pretty heavy. Particularly when Clapton was rocking the SG. Like Iommi does. Like Angus does. Man, I should have brought my SG for this shoot.