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Watch the Sus Scrofa: 7 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

At first glance Guitar 2 copies Guitar 1 compositionally by incorporating top note voice leading with a common 6th fret F on the 2nd string and features more Lydian-based harmonies. In regards to the latter it’s the G7sus2 that has the A natural, which is a #4 in the key of Eb and that’s what Lydian is all about.

By now the notion of call and response in the vein of guitar part ricochet should be well established in your musical psyche and for good reason--it never fails! Sus Scrofa’s Guitar 2 is the response to Guitar 1’s call but of course there’s a catch for you to chew on and that’s the continuation of the compounding harmonies first heard in Guitar 1. For every first beat’s quadra-16th note comp heard in the first four bars, there’s an arpeggiated sequence that follows on the upbeat of beat 3. What sets this instance apart from Good Vibes is the fact the arpeggiated chords are not just inversions of the chords they are answering to. Instead, they’re diatonic closed sus triads that when heard together further the lush tapestries heard in the lone Guitar 1 part that benefited from itself by way of delay trails. This all explodes in the second set of fours bars where Guitar 2 links up with Guitar 1 rhythmically making the chords ring together in total majesty. To put it bluntly: It sounds awesome, dude!