Watch the Sus Scrofa: 6 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

This is not the first time we’ve seen a support part in Guitar Cubed have nary a note to play on the downbeat as is the case here in Guitar 2. This never-fails-when-done-right approach was employed not just in Good Vibes, but also Stiff Upper Lip and Rocking Chair. With that space comes time to pre-finger the chord you’re going to (remember, it’s not about the chord you’re on…) affording you the best possible chance to make a clean changes.

Such is the case for the first four bars whereas in the second set of four (there’s those even numbered chunks once more) Guitar 2 mimics Guitar 1’s 16th note rhythm motive and requires the chords to be held for two more beats with a quarter note’s worth of time to make the impending change. Though the tempo is a medium 88bpm that still doesn’t leave much time for these seemingly unorthodox fingerings. Word to the wise: Practice each fingering on its own and slowly put them together with your metronome turned on and turned up!

Studying the innards of Guitar 2 reveals some pretty deep harmonic alchemy. Lucky for you, there’s a whole breakdown segment waiting for you to geek on that’s just a click away.