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Watch the Sus Scrofa: 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

We know pigs and their related swine are all about gluttony. In this curveball jam entitled Sus Scrofa (latin term used for wild boar) there’s a sort of musical gluttony displayed by way of sus chords--both sus2 and sus4. There’s just SO many!! Another element in abundance is chord changes--there’s four (and more) Lydian-based chords coming at you upping our chord count. But, we’re going to approach the changes in all aspects totally different as compared to what’s been done thus far in Guitar Cubed.

Sus Scrofa departs from the rock thing as well as the funk groove thing and ushers in a more jazz/rock/fusion vibe with its airy nature and dense harmonies. Guitars 1 & 2 assume much of the same call and response roll that Good Vibes did in the first four bars with Guitar 1 stating a harmonic instance and Guitar 2 answering it with an arpeggiated sequence. In Guitar 3 there’s a whole new approach emerging we’ve yet to see in Guitar Cubed where the lead part plays both a support role like Rifi Hendrix and Duffy’s Edge did and a bonified solo section as all the other jams did. What’s more, during the solo portion of Guitar 3 a whole new sonic approach is introduced by way of a synth patch that was created on the POD XT Live that is used throughout the course.

Overall Sus Scrofa is a forward-thinking, Lydian-drenched jam that justifiably will have you scratchin’ your head at first. That’s good--it means you’re thinking!