Watch the Stiff Upper Lip: 6 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Stiff Upper Lips’ Guitar 2 is a perfect example for why we need to learn the foundational two parts with just the rhythm section in the background. To get the full picture in regards to the interplay between Guitars 1 & 2 it’s crucial each part is clearly presented individually. As you view this performance take note of the following: There’s not a thing played on the initial downbeat leaving room for that pounding low E in Guitar 1 to plow through unabated and at beat 4 in the 2nd bar there’s a slide from one intervallic shape to another. Once again this segment features the use of consistent downstrokes as a picking model whereas the breakdown will steer you towards a different approach in the form of hybrid picking. Cool stuff that will all be broken down in the next segment.