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Watch the Spy Hunter: 5 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Guitar 1 unapologetically doubles the bass here in Spy Hunter. In order to pull that off some not-so-obvious playing provisions are put into place. What's NOT happening is a barrage of stiffly played 1/8 notes nor is there a series of metal-muted ones either. To avoid both stylistic impotence and lost-in-the-mix syndrome, a technique I call "bounce muting" is employed to solve both ailments. Accenting beats 1 and 3 (opposite of the backbeat--beats 2 and 4) each attack made with the pick hand is partially muting the 6th string, but the kicker is the way the pick hand bounces off the string immediately after (hence the name). This approach gives an otherwise bland riff character and helps make it cut through the mix even though it’s played in the guitar’s low register AND doubling the bass.

Speaking of cutting through the mix while adding life, check out the 1/4-step pulls that are applied throughout Guitar 1 as well as the slight emphasis sans bounce mute on the downbeats of beats 1 and 3. Both approaches further distance Guitar 1 from the bass line without alienating it making them work together perfectly. Additionally, these inflections help mark key rhythmic landmarks making sure you, or anyone else playing with you for that matter, doesn't get lost as this vertigo-inducing riff roles along. On that tip: It doesn't hurt that everytime beat 1 rolls around that the slightly accented note is the root (A) and is basically un-muted all together. But, there's is a curve ball in terms of predictability as the root is also un-muted at the downbeat of beat 4 as well. Pretty sneaky, right? Well, it is called SPY HUNTER.