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Watch the Rocking Chair: 6 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Rocking Chair’s Guitar 2 teaches us something right from the start--not everyone has to play on the downbeat after the count-in! Letting Guitar 1, bass and drums bring the riff in, Guitar 2 has to wait until the upbeat of 3 before coming in with it’s response to Guitar 1’s chromatically ascending counterpoint call.

In regards to pitch modulation there’s fret hand 1st finger 1/4-step bends applied to the major 3rd diads in the odd numbered bars starting in bar 1. There’s also liberal neck shaking to get as much overall vibrato as you can from a fixed tailpiece.

Like Guitar 1 watch how the fret hand not only plays the part but also makes sure there’s no unwanted string noise by laying across the strings in the sections where there’s nothing to be played. While you’re putting this part under the microscope look for what the pick hand does before the downbeat whole step hammer-ons in the even numbered bars starting at bar 2. The next segment will tell all.