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Watch the Rocking Chair: 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

There’s no doubt space is the place here in Rocking Chair and that’s made even more clear when you hear just the rhythm section by itself. The kick drum plays a different role here and that is: GIRTH! This time around the bass just doubles Guitar 1 for the most part leaving the this simple kick pattern to provide shear power in this open arrangement. That said, you can see why this drum loop was chosen for Rocking Chair--it’s a monster John Bonham-esque bash fest. In fact, it was the drum loop that sparked the whole idea.

A big part of keeping an idea like Rocking Chair true to its intentions is discipline. I know, I know: It’s rock n’ roll, no rules!!!! While that’s abundantly true in many instances the discipline needed here is one that keeps a bass player at bay. Meaning, in those spaces between Guitar 1’s chromatic gestures, with the exception of maybe some very careful, discretionary augmentations, there can be no fills or the like. No glissandos, no trills, no moments of slap spasm--nothing. The more the bass player (and Guitar 1, for that matter) adheres to this act of self-control, the better the overall power of Rocking Chair is kept in tact.