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Watch the Rocking Chair: 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

You’ll find your eyes going up and down throughout most of this performance as Guitars 1 & 2 play a bit of tag. First, Guitar 1 pounds out a quasi-chromatic riff on the downbeat that merely plays the first three 16ths of beat 1. From there you have silence (from the guitars, that is) until the upbeat of 4 where Guitar 2 enters with some commanding scratches on the last two 16ths. Those scratches are preceding the slogging double stop major 3rd from C-E that gets treated with a 1/4-step pull on the downbeat of bar 2 that resolves itself on the next downbeat with a good 'ol b7-1 (G-A) hammer-on. This back and forth continues for the next five bars until Guitars 1 & 2 meet up at the last 16th of bar 7 for the altered E7 turnaround chords. During this interplay check out how each fret hand, after doing it’s job playing the part, rests on top of the strings ensuring no unwanted string noise will be heard. What’s more, take a note of where those hands fall. Considering whatever is going to be played determines the location where the hand will rest.

Some visuals to witness are the shaking of the neck for vibrato we’ve talked about before and while that’s happening; the role the fret hand 1st finger is playing by lying over the strings to ensure a clean delivery. Finally, the descending power chord passage Guitar 1 plays in bar 5 from A5 to G5 is fingered with the 1st and 4th fingers as opposed to the more normal 1st and 3rd combination.