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Watch the Rifi Hendrix: 4 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

First thing to check out here is the gain setting you read about in the Guitars 1 & 2 Performance segment. Not much, right? This tonal approach works, trust me. Want real life proof? Just flip on any Rage Against the Machine track and behold massive riff wielding with minimal gain... on a Telecaster, no less!

In Guitar 1, as well as Guitar 2, you have a recurring theme in all the motives even when the change is made from I to IV (also could be written i to iv since these both underlying harmonies are minor). Watch how in the first two bar motif the b3rd (F) played on the downbeat of beats 1 and 2 gets treated with some downward string pitch modulation action. The key is the difference applied to each one where the first 3rd fret F is quickly pulled by a 1/4-step and the second is left to be bent for the duration of the time frame for which it’s played. Another pitch maneuver to keep your radar tuned to is the quick bend and release of the 5th fret D at the upbeat of beat 2 in bar 2 of the four-time repeating initial motif. The same technique is employed for the root once more at the same juncture, this time in bar 10 and 12 during the IV chord’s reign. And, that’s not all. See how many more you can find and we’ll put that together with details in the next segment to get you playing this riff with the right stuff.