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Watch the Purple: 4 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Taking the notion of splitting the eight bar sequence in half, Guitar 1 further rips the bar count in two by playing different inversions thus creating two bar chunks. As the parts are played check out the relaxed feel in the pick hand that makes the almost-swunk feel come alive right along side the relaxed feel in the rhythm section.

Bars 5-8 stretches the fret hand a bit with some unorthodox voicings most notably the Ebdim9 in bar 8 that requires the 3rd finger to fret the root on the 6th fret, 5th string while the 1st finger holds down a 2nd fret A on the 3rd string (ouch!). Also in bars 5-8, key in on the fret hand 2nd finger and how it helps out with muting the 6th string. If that were not the case you would most likely get a nasty clash from an open E string being mistakenly hit. Over an Ebm chord that spells trouble with all caps. Another way to prevent that from happening is bringing your thumb over to the rescue, but doing so may make these chords near impossible to play—so that’s out.

Head over to the next segment for some advice on making these pretzel-like fingerings not so taxing on your hands and for a lowdown chords like the dim9.