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Watch the Purple: 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

nded harmony only to be extended in the following two bars. Guitar 2 follows a four bar setup where each of the two bar chunks that contain some nifty b3rd slides are repeated. When played together Guitars 1 & 2 create a contagiously cool part that is a blast to solo over. In Guitar 3 you’ll experience some major motivic development and reiteration of themes much like Stiff Upper Lip where an idea that was played in the first half is tastefully brought back in the ending section of the solo.

All three parts are gain reduced compared to most of the previous jams and will hip you as to how to still be able to play with presence with that tonal situation in play. It’s important to do some playing with more subdued sounds to get a grip on playing with those type of levels and tones because the time will come when that’s all you’re gonna get. Be it leaving your prized OD pedal at home or having to play on an amp that has nary a gain knob--you gotta have some lighter gain chops to unleash when you need them most. Besides, playing with just a little bite is a great thing. It allows you to play some diadic/double stop type of ideas that would otherwise be lost in the crackle of distortion.