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Watch the Power Pop: 8 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Throughout this 32 journey the 1/8 note ghost approach seen in Guitar 2 is shared by Guitar 3 wholeheartedly, but there’s another shared element that wasn’t pointed out in the Guitar 2 Performance segment. Watch the fret hand closely as this hyper-melodic octave part chugs along and you notice sparse, yet meaningful pitch inflections applied to the octaves by way quick movements in the fretting fingers. This is most apparent in the third section of eight bars where the octaves play descending, vertically constructed melodies that resolve on the 2nd beat of the 2nd bar of each two bar chunk. Together with strategically placed slides and brief moments of sustain these slight pitch modulations help to “stretch” the part a bit and break up the 1/8 note freight train that’s rolling through these fours sets of eight bars. In the next segment we’ll pick it all apart.