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Watch the Power Pop: 6 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Just like the Guitar 1 Performance revealed the Tommy Gun-like onslaught of downstrokes in the pick hand so does this Guitar 2 segment which reveals a pick hand approach and that is, on the contrary, carefree with consistent alternate strokes. The consistent end of it is rooted in the ghost stroke approach talked about so many times in Guitar Cubed where your pick hand assumes an 8th or 16th rhythm and keeps it going whether or not you’re actually making contact with the strings. This allows you to keep the flow of whatever rhythm it is you’re playing--in this case it’s the former. At 176bpm and with intermittent slides that require no pick attacks in the mix, this technique becomes essential. It’s even used to play the closing octave-jacked chromatic run in bar 8!

As for the fret hand, it’s simple: For the first seven bars the 1st and 3rd fingers play the octaves that are planted on 5th and 3rd strings while the 2nd finger assumes the umbrella muting technique for added insurance. I say “added insurance” because your fret hand 1st finger should be making contact with the low E string helping to ensure it stays quiet.

Moving over to the following breakdown we’ll take a look at the octave approach here in Guitar 2 that also lays the ground work for Guitar 3 as well.