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Watch the Power Pop: 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Power Pop clocks in at a brisk 176bpm making it the fastest of Guitar Cubed jams. To make the initial downbeat not so challenging a two bar count-in was employed. Just listen for the accents on every first of four hits on the hi-hat and you’ll be OK.

When it comes to the kick drum and bass line relationship it’s all about accenting the 1 much like the count does. Aside from that the kick stays basically consistent with 1/8 notes on the strong beats (1 and 3) with the exception bars 4 and 8 where the kick merely hits the downbeat. Guitar 1 jumps all over this accent when making each of the changes as well, which would be hard not to do considering the style and tempo and the fact you’re playing with constant downstrokes.

As we’ve rolled through these Rhythm Track Analysis segments there have been times where elements other than the kick have been put under the microscope. Back in Good Vibes it was the 16th note tambourine pattern, in Duffy’s Edge it was the snare at the end of the four bar chunks and in Down and Dirty it was the hi-hat and the ride cymbals. Here in Power Pop it’s once more the hi-hat. To break things up the hi-hat at the upbeat of 4 in bars 3 and 6 of the eight bar loop plays two 16ths that fall into the downbeat of the following bar. Given the musical parameters of Power Pop it's best you not jump on those inflections and just let them be. Otherwise they’ll lose their charm and you’ll most likely lose the tight feel that’s needed here.