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Watch the Power Pop: 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Right after the count-in you’ll quickly notice the difference between Guitars 1 & 2 with one part being anchored to a general location and the other running amuck. Guitar 1 holds the line by playing low register power chords that are tightly voice led and lead up to a climatic chromatic line that clearly states “this is the end of that line.” Guitar 2 on the other hand is making its rounds to virtually all parts of the neck with completely catchy octave melodies. Both parts seem to be running all on their own until the very last quarter note of bar 8 where Guitars 1 & 2 rip through a glissando from out of nowhere that seems to shoot out like a pinball after getting plunger-whacked by an overzealous teenager.

Overall Guitars 1 & 2 are following a steadfast rule in alternative punk pop--tightness. There’s no room for sloppiness here, people. Every last nuance has to be in place and played precisely or the vibe is compromised.