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Watch the Power Pop: 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

While Sus Scrofa was hinting towards a four-chord progression there might be a case for saying it indeed was not. I mean, there were two Eb rooted chords plus there was so much harmonic chaos that it might have been hard to actually hear official changes. Such is not the case with Power Pop--oh, no. There’s four chords all right and they’re coming at you fast and heavy SoCal (Southern California) style! Aside from momentary lifting of the pick hand your palm muting you're way through a I-V-bVII-VI progression in G that helps further state the case major is totally jam session worthy.

To get the SoCal thing going on you gotta be able to pull off two techniques: High tempo, downstroke only palm mutes and playing high tempo octave melodies squeaky clean. Guitar 1 lays down the palm-muted law with its brazen power chording setting up the progression, while at the same time bringing a cool chromatic turnaround riff at it’s end. Guitar 2 reigns in the octaves with strictly playing 5th-3rd string fingerings that are at times slid from one to another by either rhythmic or grace-note phrasings. Continuing to propagandize the notion lead parts are not just solos, Guitar 3 also rides the octave train with 5th-3rd and 4th-2nd string fingerings for 32 bars that are also jam-packed with two kinds of sliding techniques. And yes, there’s plenty of motivic development!

At 176bpm you might want to grab your energy drink of choice when heading into the blast room where the band sets up. And, don’t forget the earplugs--you just gotta play this LOUD!