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Watch the Guitar Cubed online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

It's safe to say that for most guitarists, there's no greater rush than a great jam session! From every which way you look at it, it's awesome: loud guitars, screaming solos, pounding drums, deep bass grooves--all of it! Heck, it's so cool it makes that dank basement stench smell as sweet as that fresh pizza you will inevitably order. That said, you gotta wonder: What could possibly make a hang consisting of your guitar, your best buds and favorite beverages go wrong? Aside from too many of those favored spirits, it's when your best buds are other guitar players. All too often we guitarists get geared up for a night of productive noise making only to spend much of it trying to find something to play. Sure, you can rock out on "Smoke on the Water" for the billionth time, but there's something nearly indescribable that takes over when you're playing your own music. Even better is when your fellow man gets down with your vision and brings fresh ideas to the table. With that said, now you gotta wonder the following:

How can I make this happen?
How do I write solid riffs?
What do I listen for?
How do I construct secondary parts so we're not all playing the same thing like we always do?!
Can I get some help here?!!

You bet--welcome to Guitar Cubed. This is Chris Buono and I'll be your guide through this multi-faceted journey that will lead you to near jam session perfection. Guitar Cubed is about making the time you play with other guitarists, as well as drummers and bass players alike, the best it could possibly be. To do that we're going to explore not just one, not even two; but three-part riff writing and playing. From what to listen for in the rhythm section to coming up with secondary parts that go beyond just playing different inversions all the way to organizing your improvisations, this course will give you the goods that you always wish you had and more!

In celebration of the ultimate jam--the 12 bar blues--Guitar Cubed is split up into a dozen lesson sets for you to sink your head and hands into. Each of the 12 grooves are broken down into eight in-depth discussions that focus on every last nook and crannie of what's makes up the music you have before you. And that's what it's all about--music. The all-encompassing goal in Guitar Cubed is to show you to create just that.

After a short introduction kicking each set off will be a split screen performance of the first two parts aptly called Guitars 1 & 2. Before diving into the dissection of those parts with tried-and-true TrueFire-style "breakdowns" you will first be walked through what's happening in the rhythm section in Rhythm Track Analysis segments where I will literally talk you through the backing tracks sans guitar and hip you to what's going on. For some, this could be the price of admission, as all too often this type of discussion is never, well, discussed. After you've gained some much-needed insight as to how to appreciate what's going on in the background, then we jump into Guitars 1 & 2 individually through separate performance and breakdown segments leaving no note un-turned. Here you will learn about Guitar 1's role as the "foundational rhythm part" and Guitar 2's role as the "complementary rhythm part". Directly following these revelations will be the introduction and continued in-depth probe into the chameleon-like Guitar 3. In these concluding two segments you'll learn how to approach constructing and/or improvising a third part--whether part-based or solo based--over what may seem like an overwhelming throng of great ideas that you couldn't possibly fit into.

To help make your practice time as effective as possible I designed the backing tracks as follows:

Guitar 1 – This will just have the bass and drums and no other guitar parts. Use this track to practice any of the three parts on their own.

Guitar 2 – This will have bass and drums plus Guitar 1 so you really hone in on practicing Guitar 2 to lock up with Guitar 1 as well try Guitar 3 with just one part.

Guitar 3 – This track will feature bass, drums and Guitars 1 & 2 so you can shed Guitar 3 over all the parts. As an added bonus these tracks were mixed with Guitars 1 & 2 panned hard left and right respectively. With the bass and drums still sitting dead center you can freely toggle between having just Guitar 1 or just Guitar 2 in the mix simply by adjusting the balance (pan) knob on your monitoring system.

As with every TrueFire course you'll have the power of Power Tab at your disposal, as well as PDF files, where you can view every last note played during the performances either on your computer or a pristine print out. Taking things to the next level each chart will include all the parts as they accumulate. For instance, Guitar 1 will display just that, but Guitar 2 will have the part by itself on the top of the chart and then Guitars 1 & 2 doubled-staffed directly below so you can vertically examine how the parts line up. When you make it to Guitar 3 you'll see the same setup as Guitar 2, except below the lone Guitar 3 part will be a triple-staff made up of all three parts for maximum geek-out.

What's more, as with many of my courses the audio path in Guitar Cubed was recorded direct. To do this a POD XT Live was used and all of the Tone files are included for you to load into your unit if you're a POD owner (models and compatibility may vary). These Tone files were consciously created to suit each part specifically allowing them to sit within the mix as best they can.

Guitar Cubed is the most complex endeavor I've entered into here at TrueFire and it's a course I feel very strongly about. Playing with other musicians is the ultimate form of expression to me and has made playing music completely awesome throughout these 20+ years as a guitarist. I sincerely hope Guitar Cubed helps you kick out the jam like never before.

Rock on!