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Watch the Granola: 8 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Here in Granola’s third part, after the count-off, something strange and wonderful happens: NOTHING! That’s right. Zip, nada, niente, nuttin’. At the onset of Guitar 3 it’s all about space to the nth degree. For the first eight bars, which make up half the solo, you only play in four of them. The breathing room is a welcome component alongside Guitar 1’s intricacies as well as Guitar 2’s icing-on-the-cake vibe. Notice in those spaces one hand if not both is making sure no strings are ringing sympathetically. If the fret hand is moving around, it’s to get to the next area so that means the pick hand will rest on top of all six strings.

As the solo is played you’ll see more vibrato action in the form of neck jiggling. Even during a laid back jam such as Granola there will be cause for man handling the neck. Another form of reserved aggression can be seen in the long glissandos that approach the chimey b3rds heard in bars 9 and 11 that end up moving chromatically to their intended destination. This adds nicely to the drama those intervals were supposed to convey so don’t be shy when your sliding into home yourself.

In the following breakdown segment we'll look more into space, but in a different way...