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Watch the Granola: 7 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Guitar 1 & 2 not only share the love for Mixolydian but also for utilizing various chord visions that are spread across the neck. Even more so in Guitar 2 you’ll make use of C and C7 chords starting at the open position and ranging all the way up to the tenth position. In addition to the neck jerking for some vibrato, within all the chords you’ll hear subtle pitch modulation by way of covert pulling of chord tones. As all the notes come together to ring these underlying modulations create a lush chorusing effect.

Guitar 2 is all about fingering and smart fingering at that. Every chord form is fingered as such to prepare for what’s to come. To drive that home, keep repeating a mantra I keep close to my heart: it’s not about the chord that you’re on, it’s the chord you’re going to. Starting from the first position C7 the fingering used is completely calculated so don’t let anything slip you by.

As stated, be sure to stay in the pocket when playing the motif in bar 4 that starts at the fourth 16th of beat 2. Not only does Guitar 1 play the same lick albeit an octave lower but it also helps mark the four bar sequence talked about in the Rhythm Track Analysis segment.