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Watch the Granola: 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Great music breeds great music. Meaning, for every piece of inspiring music that exists, there’s that much more that influenced its creation. Part of what makes a piece of music something we call “great” is when it's born from various styles. Such is the case here in this laid back Mixolydian-ridden jam called Granola. From Hendrix-y comping in the Guitar 1 to classic R&B Steve Cropper-ified sliding 6ths in Guitar 2 to spacious, laid back country-rock soloing in Guitar 3--Granola comes from some really great music.

While building upon concepts already introduced in Guitar Cubed such as motivic development and simplicity (still only one chord coming at you), Granola brings to light yet another essential--playing with SPACE. In music-making space not only refers to moments where you’re playing nothing at all, but passages that don’t involve playing so much. Guitar 2 best illustrates this with its open, airy vibe that gives plenty of space to Guitar 1 and 3 while still serving as a formidable component of the big picture.

There’s a big time Mixolydian leaning here in Granola, with the now pre-requisite slurring of the 3rds. Just take a look at Guitar 1 in bars 1 and 3 where the 2nd position tritone (E-Bb) is approached from the b3rd (Eb) below on the 1st fret before playing the chunky 8th position C7 chords. Or, just listen to Guitar 3's first lick where the 7th fret bend from D starts out as a half step to Eb (b3rd) on the upbeat of beat 3 only to take you higher on the 2nd 16th of beat 4 for a full step to E natural (3rd).

Re: double-stop bends. You were warned back in Spy Hunter there would be no shortage. This must-know never-fails technique makes its presence known in Guitar 3 in bars 5 and 14-15, which adds some very effective grit to this part’s relaxed mood.