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Watch the Good Vibes: 8 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Good fret hand finger arching can never be stressed enough. That technique, though not very glamorous, plays a big part in your overall playing. Even in cases like this where there’s no instance of two notes being played together where arching makes or breaks it all, a good arch helps place your fingertip on the string in a way that best lets it vibrate to it’s fullest potential. That said, it also helps when your tone is juiced to the max! Such is the case here in Guitar 3 where a model of a vintage fuzz pedal is put to use in much the same way Eric Johnson does to get his signature violin tone he’s so highly regarded for. Both elements are put to good use as Guitar 3 is a singing, melodic solo that has many instances where you just let a note ride.One more thing to key in on while watching the performance is the abundance of slides in this part. Like double stop bends, which by the way are surprisingly not present in this solo, slides are a vital technique in your bag. Take note of the fingerings used in the passages that involve series of slides because without them they wouldn’t work. The next segment lays out the map those slides follow so you can best understand the reasoning behind the fingerings used.