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Watch the Good Vibes: 4 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

There’s a few ways you can make sure your chord changes are clear and clean. One way is to pre-finger the chord you’re about to play in the air as seen here in Guitar 1. This is especially true with regards to the Bm7#5 as it is a completely different fingering from the Bm6 that precedes it. Another effective tool is common fingers. Check out the change between the initial Bm7 in bar 1 and the Bm6 that’s played on the upbeat of 4 in the same bar where the fret hand 2nd finger serves as an anchor while the remaining three fingers change. Finally, there’s a tool you can’t see in this view and that is shifting your sights towards where you have to go next. Right after I play the Bm6 my head almost immediately shifts towards the 2nd position to where the following Bm7#5 is going to be played. It’s as if I’m taking a mental picture of the neck area I’m about to plant my fret hand. Try it, it works!

Now about that upbeat placement of the second and fourth chords…