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Watch the Good Vibes: 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Since the drum and bass parts are more groove based Good Vibes has some new approaches we need to look at. First, there’s a new percussive element: A tambourine that keeps a steady 16th note pulse throughout. With that in play, it’s a good idea Guitars 1 & 2 be as spacious as they are.

When it comes to the numbers game we’ve discussed in previous Rhythm Track Analysis segments, the drums are cycling through with an eight bar pattern while the bass part, as well as Guitars 1 & 2 play a four bar cycle; and this is fine. By no means do all the instruments in the arrangement have to adhere to the same exact formula. While more often than not they will all follow an even numbered pattern divisible by 2’s and 4’s, it adds more flavor when you have varying amounts.

As usual the kick drum is functioning as an idea tool and you can hear it in the bass line if you listen carefully. The bass riff centers itself on the strong beats but meets up with the kick on the upbeat 4 in bars 1 and 3. THAT serves up a nice bed for Guitar 1 to jump on.