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Watch the Good Vibes: 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

When watching Guitars 1 & 2 notice where the fret thumb is NOT and that’s hanging over the top of the neck as many players do. While that may be comfortable, and even sometimes essential for muting in some instances, it can also greatly inhibit what you can play. The chords played in bars 3 and 4 of Guitar 1 would be tough to nail without the thumb strategically played behind the neck on an angle facing the headstock. If that doesn’t convince you, just try playing any part of Guitar 2 without this consideration and you’ll see what I’m getting at here. Not only do you need to play the notes within the chords clearly, but also as you can hear, those notes need to ring out. As you’ll see in the breakdown of Guitar 2, the voicings were designed to overlap into the next chord as well as answer the chord that was played before them. So, pay attention to that thumb!