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Watch the Good Vibes: 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Guitar Cubed is meant to get you playing with others as quick as possible while still retaining the most important part of that event: Making music; and, good music at that. Within the three jams explored thus far--Spy Hunter, Stiff Upper Lip and Granola-- the element of simplicity has played a big part in getting you up and running quickly. So far the road to simplicity has been paved with one chord approaches and Good Vibes will continue that path albeit it will be the last one to do so.

Bringin’ in the funk (you had to know that was coming from me!) Good Vibes takes the one chord approach and stretches it a bit in Guitar 1 by setting up four different versions of the same chord that have a melodic connection to one another. Some would refer to this type of arrangement as a vamp. Guitar 2 sets up yet another form of call and response where after each Guitar 1 chord is played on the downbeat an arpeggiated motif is played in Guitar 2 that features some very cool voicings.

Thanks to Granola the concept of space is in play. Here in the Guitar 3 that idea is brought to the table in another form. With it’s long sustained, carefully chosen notes, this part screams melodic righteousness.