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Watch the Duffy's Edge: 6 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Given the fact Guitar 2 is bouncing from natural harmonic to fretted notes it’s important to make sure those harmonics are “fretted” oh so carefully. It may be hard to see but look closely at the fret hand 3rd finger and how the bottom portion of the finger is used as opposed to the tip. It helps the resultant ringing of the 12th fret harmonics ring out as well as aid in making the transitions. Speaking of aiding transitions, see if you can catch the fret hand thumb drop down a smidge at the upbeat of 3 in bars 2 and 6 after playing the perfect 5th on the E and B strings to accommodate what’s coming next. It’s these subtle movements that make parts such as this come out clean and that’s crucial to Guitar 2.

Throughout Guitar 2 the arching of all your fingers will determine if this part will ring out the way its intended especially in bars 3-4 and 7-8. In the next segment you’ll discover why the jump from the 10th position to the 3rd position to the open position is necessary in making the ringing strings do just that.

Just like Guitar 1, the fret hand thumb plays an important role in muting the lower strings. This time it's during the second half where the open D and A strings act as an 1/8-note drone while some catchy counter melodies are played on the higher adjacent strings.