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Watch the Duffy's Edge: 5 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Nothing is more rock n’ roll than the venerable sus4 to major progression especially in the key of D. Guitar 1 employs exactly that in two forms. The first eight bars makes use of three-note closed voiced 2nd inversion triads on the 4-3-2 string set that sets up the 4th string A mutes heard throughout. Using consistent downstrokes and the fret hand thumb for muting, the first half of Guitar 1 takes on a big role albeit it's played on the thinner strings. The second half rocks a bigger picture with 5th string root position triads that will have you muting the thicker A string. All together this part is pretty basic but it has to be in the pocket and 747-level airtight.

To make sure we’re all on the same page the term “sus” is an abbreviation for “suspended”. The note that has been suspended in the D chord is the 3rd (always will be in any case where there’s a sus chord), which in this instance is replaced by the 4th (G) hence the name--sus4. You’d think the fingering for this easy grip would be a no-brainer, but actually there’s a little something going on you need to consider before eschewing my seemingly strange choice so be sure to key in on the explanation in the video.

As stated, the name of the game is “tightness”. Really listen to the bass and lock in with the 1/8 notes in it's line. Also, when you’re coming out of playing the chords and going back into the mutes, make sure there’s no artifacts left over. A good way to do that is relieve the fretting pressure after the unmuted portions have been played.