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Watch the Duffy's Edge: 4 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Guitar 1 is meant to be the Rock of Gibraltar here in Duffy’s Edge and one of the contributing factors is the consistent downstrokes. Within the jackhammer-like attacks is sparse Dsus4 and D chords that shoot out of the mix, but are subdued to match the dynamics of the drums. While it may be hard to notice the pick hand is the controller in regards to the dynamics. The first eight bars need a lighter touch as opposed to the more aggressive attack needed for the second eight bars where the chords expand into 5th string rooted Dsus4 and D chords. If you have a heavy hand then try rolling back the volume knob for the first eight bars, say to about 5 or 6. Then when bar 9 roles around use your pick hand pinky to crank it up and dig in.

Watch for the aforementioned fret hand thumb coming over the neck to provide a muting umbrella that helps to ensure the cleanliness of the part, which is crucial to Guitar 1 considering the lush openness of Guitar 2 and 3. In the next segment we'll go even deeper into this deceptively difficult part making sure the idea is not taken for granted and therefore compromised.