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Watch the Duffy's Edge: 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Duffy’s Edge is rock n’ roll through and through with the bass and drums staying simple, yet extremely powerful. The arrangement is set up as a 16 bar sequence with the first half assuming the role of “calm before the storm” with its tribal beat sans snare (with the exception of the 1/8 note fill in bar 8 starting at beat 3).

The kick drum is textbook rock with hits on the downbeat of 1 and 1/8-notes on beat 3 for the most part. It’s the fills at the end of the eight bar chunks that give off some ideas for the rhythm guitar most notably in Guitar 1. In the first half the palm mute is released to play alongside the 1/8-note fill on the snare to open things up and appropriately segue into the next part whereas the fills at the end of the both sets of four bars in the second half the overall 16 bars lock up nicely with the A5 chord rhythm ideas in Guitar 1.

The bass just rides the 1/8-note train ala Michael Anthony providing a rock solid (yeah, yeah pun intended) accompaniment that leaves the door wide open for Guitars 1, 2 & 3.

The overall dynamics play a key role here as well with the first eight bars delivering a medium level volume that directly influenced the parts played, e.g. the palm muting of the Dsus4 and D chords. When the second half kicks it up a notch so do all three parts.