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Watch the Duffy's Edge: 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Of the many things Guitar Cubed brings to the table that you might have otherwise dismissed, it’s “major” as a key center that might prove to be the biggest revelation to some (I know from my days in the jam session trenches it was all about minor and chugging E strings. Major was just too, well, major sounding! Man, did I miss out!). So far we’ve explored the muscle rock version of major through Stiff Upper Lip and the lighter jamband side with Granola. Now it’s time go a little alt-rock/arena rock with Duffy’s Edge as well as continue to dive into two-chord jams with a jam that exploits the mighty I-V change. Named after it’s two primary sources of inspiration Billy Duffy of the Cult and The Edge of U2, this jam is major all right--major rock star, that is!

Guitar 1 is where Billy Duffy’s vibe resides with tight chording, chunky palm mutes and the movement from Dsus4 to D major. In Guitar 2 The Edge’s presence is felt in the first half by way of chimey cascading open string lick ideas mixed with natural harmonics, but the second half is all Duffy with it’s open string droning plus fretted melodies played on higher adjacent strings. Guitar 3 is of equal share with the first eight bars going to The Edge with unadulterated natural harmonic-laden counter melodies. Bars 9-16 could be attributed to either one of these guys with its full-sounding arpeggiated sequences, while in bars 19-20 and 23-24 are all The Edge with its “Sunday Bloody Sunday” open string references.

Overall, the ringing out of notes throughout Duffy’s Edge creates these tapestries of deep harmonizations that are truly epic. If you have any sort of lighting system that can serve as a tour-approved rig, get it out because this is a stadium-sized piece of music.