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Watch the Down and Dirty: 6 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Like Granola’s Guitar 1 part, Down and Dirty’s Guitar 2 pays homage to Hendrix but from a whole other direction. This is all about those mega-awesome Jimi riffs discussed in Rifi Hendrix--Manic Depression and Castles Made of Sand--where JMH stretches major arpeggios into a multi-positional sliding affair as seen here once again. Notice after the 1 3 5 portion of the riff is played on the upbeat 2 the 7th fret E on the 5th string gets a grace note sliding slur for added style.

More times than note in bars 1-8 the target 5th fret G on the 4th string that all the riffs end up on is held for a beat or so before any vibrato is applied. That restraint lends itself to not only Guitar 2, but to the interplay with Guitar 1 as well.

If you’re wondering why after every chord in bars 9-11 I go for the volume knob--your guess is as good as mine! For matters that can be explained make your way to the next segment.