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Watch the Down and Dirty: 4 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

While there’s going to be plenty to talk about in the following Down and Dirty Guitar 1 breakdown segment you can get a head start on digesting it all by watching the fret hand fingerings seen in the performance. First indication something is up is the three different fingering options for the 3rd position drop 3 G7 chord in bars 1-4. Bar 1 and 3 take on a 2-3-4 fingering to best accommodate the closed voiced triad chords that follow. Same goes for bar 2, where the 1-2-3 fingering best suits the chord that follows once again. In bar 4 it’s a whole different game with a fingering that involves the fret hand thumb wrapping over the neck to fret the 3rd fret G root. Why? Same reason as the previous three bars. It’s been said once and it’ll be said again--it’s not about the chord you’re on, but the chord you’re going to.

When the 12 bar makes its way to bar 9 notice the picking strokes for the single note riffs in-between the chords--down and dirty! They could very well have been played with alternate picking, but the consistent boom downstrokes provided make this approach the way to go.