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Watch the Down and Dirty: 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

As Guitars 1 & 2 rock this 12-bar in G notice how the two parts meet up at the last 16th of beat 2. Within their respective ideas is contrasting, yet completely relative ingredients making the parts sound great together. Part of making 12 bar symbiotic interplay possible is the down and dirty role the drums and bass play that will be discussed in the following Rhythm Track Analysis segment.

Though the rock element is abundantly present, that doesn’t mean it’s sans harmonic depth. Guitar 1 makes use of low range drop 3 7ths and 4-3-2 string fretted diminished subs to name a few. At bar 9 both parts meet up to create a monstrous wall of extended dominant glory that sounds positively gigantic. This may be the only instance in these split screen views where the two parts look as if they are mirroring each other. Don’t get too used to it because in bar 12 they go off in opposite directions to play their own D7#9 voicings that sound great together.