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Watch the Down and Dirty: 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Upping the chord count to three this next jam is a fresh look into the jam to end all jams--the 12 bar blues (did you think Guitar Cubed was going skip over the blues? Not a chance!!). Aptly titled, Down and Dirty digs in deep and just rocks (literally) a one chorus I-IV-V in G. While many of you are no stranger to a good blues jam with the boys (and girls) the thing about Down and Dirty is the unadulterated rock guy approach taken by both the rhythm section and Guitars 1 & 2. As for Guitar 1 you’re gonna see some very cool closed triads ideas that have some even cooler melodic movements embedded within them. Careful though, if not fingered correctly what seems like a walk in the park chord-wise will quickly become a fretting juggernaut.

Couple the drum-bass-Guitars 1 bedrock with Guitar 2’s Hendrix-approved major pentatonic-based riff collection (much like what was played in Rifi Hendrix) and Guitar 3’s hit-and-quit-it one chorus solo excursion and you have yourself one wild ride that would make any Texan and/or Chicago-ite proud. In regards to the latter, you heard right--one chorus. While Guitar Cubed has laid down solos with bar counts as high as 32 bars (Rifi Hendrix), Down and Dirty gets the job done in 12.