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Watch the Club 54: 9 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

In this final segment where I play the guitar here in Guitar Cubed there’s an approach that’s so incredibly complex, so deep, so vast; it’s of a conceptual nature that will blow your mind...

Yeah, right! The concept contained within Club 54’s Guitar 3 is so elementary you’ll think I fell off my chair and hit my head when I was putting it together. You’re about to play just four notes total for these seemingly scary minor-based chords and it’s raunchy substitute altered dominant instances in bars 4 and 8. What’s more you’re gonna start out only playing one of them for the first four bars. That’s it: ONE NOTE. While this may sound too good to be true, it’s really not. What’s happening here is four notes that will work over all the changes were mapped to do exactly that. We’re going to eschew scales and arpeggios for the most part and focus on phrasing and rhythm. The latter elements are more of what makes the music you play memorable.

I’ve said plenty in these text elements, so for this last blast of Guitar Cubed knowledge I’ll let the video do the talking. Clocking in at almost 15 minutes, we’ll look at every last piece of this solo as there’s a multitude of guitar-isms here that will serve you well in soloing with a stripped down approach such as this.

So, what are you waiting for?! Click the play button!!