Watch the Club 54: 8 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

Ironically this final Guitar 3 part may just have the least amount of notes in it due to its conceptual nature (we’ll get into that in great detail in the next segment), but at the same time has most every playing nuance talked about here in Guitar Cubed. You have your fret hand 1st finger pitch modulations of varying types as well as various 1st finger muting techniques, you have 3rd finger supported by 2nd finger bends, a bit of neck shaking for added vibrato effect (not to mention rock star effect!); even diagonal pentatonic line shapes. It’s all here.

One vastly important technique that has seen much-o time on the fretboard throughout Guitar Cubed is sliding. An unsung hero in the collection of legato techniques we have at our disposal this slippery maneuver helps immensely with the conceptual nature of Guitar 3 and at the same time injects a buttery smooth sound that’s just plain tasty.

Now about the conceptual nature...