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Watch the Club 54: 6 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

The notion of ghost motion has been one of many hot topics discussed throughout Guitar Cubed and it's one that is present in this segment, but as usual, in a different light. Following in the footsteps of past jams such as Stiff Upper Lip, Good Vibes, Rocking Chair and Sus Scrofa, Club 54’s Guitar 2 holds its breath at the beginning of each bar allowing Guitar 1 to clearly state its idea. Right before the pick hand plays the 16th note rhythm you can see it rev up with 16th note ghost strokes before making contact with the strings at the upbeat of 2. So instead of flailing away with ghost strokes when there’s substantial gaps in actual playing needlessly tiring out your wrist, you can just ease into the motion wherever it feels right for you.

Another pick hand point of interest to focus on here is the 3rd and 4th finger anchor that’s making contact with the body between the bridge and neck pickups. Given the fact Guitar 2, for the most part, plays perfect 5ths on the 2nd and 3rd strings and that the pick attack will be focused in that area it’s a good idea to come down on the strings with an angle. Having an anchor like this helps facilitate this as well as aids in keeping you, well, anchored. For some, seemingly unrelated actions like planting your fingers on the body for no apparent reason provides whatever mojo their playing requires to make it happen. Hey, whatever it takes.

Moving onto the next segment we'll just see about those 2nd and 3rd string items that have our pick angle in a pickle.