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Watch the Club 54: 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Cubed

The call and response interplay between Guitars 1 & 2 is totally apparent in this final split screen view. After Guitar 1 lays down the mostly quartally based harmonies, Guitar 2 answers back with short little motives that are closely related to the chord it’s answering. Many of the concepts discussed throughout Guitar Cubed are here on display including pre-fingering the chord you’re about to play, fret hand 2nd finger umbrella muting and proper thumb placement for maximum comfort in fingering the chords.

One element that might have escaped you in these split screen performances is something that has nothing to do with the guitar per se but everything to do with playing it. Check out in the bottom view the object bouncing up and down in the background--it’s my leg! More times than not when I’m playing I’m moving in some way, shape or form to the pulse I’m playing to. Almost all the time I’m tapping my foot, but as you can see here I was in a zone that had my whole left leg hoppin’! The point is whatever it takes to get in the groove and stay there has got to be done. If you’re playing from the right places you won’t even know you’re doing these things and won’t have to think about it. It’ll just happen and your playing will be just that--happenin’!