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Watch the Farmer Sez Progression online guitar lesson by Andy Timmons from Electric Expression

In this performance section we're going to concentrate on playing a tune called Farmer Sez. It's really just a country blues. It's A7, classic D7, E7, D7, A7. Something that hopefully you've already been experimenting with in the blues, but this in country style. It's an up tempo train beat. Mitch Marine and Mike Dane are playing with me on this one from the Andy Timmons band. Within this I illuminate some ideas about open string pull offs, which I use quite a bit in this style. Some chromatic ideas where I really feel like some of the bebop chromatic type of ideas really relate closely to bluegrass and country. It's some of the same lines that I would employ in either style. It's just a matter of what attitude and tone you've got while you're playing, so that works nicely. Some double stops that we're working on, and some sixths double stops moving through some of the chord changes, and all this applies to playing blues too. These are the same techniques and ideas of voice leading through chord changes that I would do in any style, so it just all comes together. Somebody was asking me earlier, how I get the style together. Well, it's not like I worked so specifically on country, but again, using just what I would do normally on these type of chord changes, just with a different attitude. And of course it does help to listen to players that play like this, Danny Gatton or Ray Flack or Albert Lee. All the great Nashville pickers over the years. They're a great source of inspiration and jaw-dropping wonderment of what these guys can do. So anyway, I hope these ideas help you, and let's get started.