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Watch the Dynamics Within Soloing Lines online guitar lesson by Andy Timmons from Electric Expression

Next we're going to talk about dynamics. In this particular case, obviously there's dynamics within a song, within the band dynamic. You can have a soft section or a loud section, but we're talking specifically within the context of a melodic line or improvised line. If everything was the same volume level it would just be pretty sterile, so the idea of talking about this is to give you ways of giving your melodic lines some ebb and flow. It gives it a shape, so to speak. Gives it a dynamic. That's literally what we're talking about. So one of the easiest ways of working on this is just to hear how a dynamic can sound within a scale. So we'll just do our trusty A minor pentatonic. So completely and purposefully no dynamic at all, but what if we give emphasis to certain notes to give it a groove? Even my body language spoke differently. I'm going to pull up a different sound here. So you can practice, let's just practice a simple C major scale here. I do encourage initially working on some of these ideas with a cleaner tone. The more gain and distortion you have, the more compressed and small the tone becomes,so dynamics are definitely audible. They're more audible with a cleaner tone. Just for an example I'll emphasize every other note which again has a shape to it, has more motion with everything a consistent dynamic. It just becomes a little vanilla so to speak. Now I seem to be accenting more down beats, I can't analyze that. I don't know what it is I just know it feels good. And some of that dynamic can come from, not necessarily picking every note, but you hear there where I did some hammer ons and pull offs and some slides. That could be a nice way of giving some dynamic shape to your line. See how I'm really giving certain notes quite a bit of emphasis while tucking in others. I think if you start to really focus on that particular detail with your favorite players, you'll hear how most of them really utilize quite a bit of that within their lines, and they're not necessarily thinking about it. It's just the way they want to hear the music and the way they want to present the music to you. You can make an exercise out of it, just by deciding to emphasize every other note or every third note. This is a short segment, but just be aware of that dynamic and how important it is to spice up your lines with that particular idea and make it as musical as possible.