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Watch the Carpe Diem Progression online guitar lesson by Andy Timmons from Electric Expression

In this performance section we're talking about the verse section for Carpe Diem, one of my older tunes, and it's the first time in this lesson series that we're talking about changing keys in the course of the improvisation, so it's a lot of fun, but it's a little challenging. So here's the chords. It's B minor and that goes on for a few bars. Then it changes to B flat major, kind of B flat major 7, maybe B flat major # 11, perhaps. But the chords in the backing are some sort of riff in B minor and then B flat major. So the two corresponding keys, you can think of it as B minor and then B flat major for the major seventh. What sounds best to me is F major pentatonic or D minor. So you're making a minor third shift in keys. Okay, I'm going to talk a bit more about that when I break it down after the performance, get more in depth with some of the scale choices. But within the performance a lot of things came through. First I'm playing come simple scaler ideas so you can hear the shift in the harmony when I change the two different chords. Then I utilize some double stops, playing some melodic ideas with the double stops. A bit of a chromatic idea which I tend to throw in quite a bit during a lot of different soloing. It's a nice way to create excitement and spice up the playing. And I did some wide bends, some unison bends, and then I was able to incorporate some scaler arpeggio ideas. Using the arpeggios from the corresponding scale can add some excitement to what you're doing. So here we go.