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Watch the Artificial (Pick) Harmonics online guitar lesson by Andy Timmons from Electric Expression

Another type of harmonic is the artificial pick harmonic. That definitely has been a big part of rock playing for many years. It's something that I do quite a bit. Not really just as an effect, but it's a way of giving your lines punctuation and maybe just by accenting notes here and there, just giving it a bit more gravity. So essentially, like we were doing with the tap harmonic, certain points of the string you're going to get different harmonics to leap out. Billy Gibbons was one of the first guys and essentially, I've got the pick and my finger and my thumb. So if you can see, whichever camera is on my picking hand, my nail is a bit worn down because a lot of times when I'm using my pick it's also getting my nail. So I'm getting tone from that and then the thumb, this inside part of the thumb is also hitting the note. So it just takes you a little while to find the spot on the string corresponding to your fingering. So there I found the exact upper partial. The octave note, there's the fifth. But what I really love about artificial harmonics is, again, finding the right spot on the phrase. Just find a phrase, and just give it a little bit more push over the edge to get some emotional content. Occasionally I can get some harmonic picking under the note. I'm picking underneath the high E string. I think that once you get it under your fingers, you just find that special way of getting that string in between your pick and your finger and thumb you'll be off and running. Then you're just finding different spots on the string and I'll be demonstrating a lot of that when I do the longer playing examples later in the series.