Watch the '61 SGLP: C Section online guitar lesson by John Jorgenson from Eclectic Electric: 61 SGLP

The fourth lick is a little bit tricky because it has a lot of slides in opposite directions. You first start by sliding from the 10th fret on the B string to the 12th fret. Then, you slide down from the 14th fret to the 12th on the high E string. Next, slide from the 12th to the 14th on the B string, and then you have a pull off all the way from high A on the high E string to the 14th fret. You go even higher next, doing a slide from B to A on the high E string.

Lastly, you have a very pentatonic triplet lick. This whole section repeats, with the only difference being at the end of the triplet lick the second time through, sustaining a C# on the A string at the end.