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Watch the '61 SGLP: B Section online guitar lesson by John Jorgenson from Eclectic Electric: 61 SGLP

We have the first three phrases, and now we'll move on to the fourth phrase. This one's a little more complicated because it involves multiple pull offs on different strings and also octave slides and pinched harmonics. We start on the D string, where we'll play down a G scale. You're gonna kinda hold the first note a little longer, and pull off really quick down the string, three times in total. Then, you do exactly the same thing exactly a string higher. Then, you do it starting on the third fret of the B string, but you have to jump down to the G string for the last note.

For the last part of this lick, it's an octave slide. So, you're gonna slide from A to B on the G string and then play a B octave on your high E string, rock back to the low one, and then play an A on the high E string, play a B, where you'll try to get a pinched harmonic. That's when you push the pick back a little into your fingers and you hit the string against the skin next to your knuckle. You can move your right hand around until you find the place that gives you the harmonic that you want.