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Watch the Classical Concepts online guitar lesson by Dave Celentano from Classical Concepts for Rock Guitar

Thanks for checking out my course "Classical Concepts for Rock Guitar". This course uses popular classical tunes to help develop and ultimately master important techniques and a broader understanding of music theory on the guitar. Guitarists Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, Ritchie Blackmore, Edward Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Marty Friedman (to name just a few) have all been influenced by and used classical techniques in their playing. These concepts include triads and inversions, alternate picking, sweep picking, two hand tapping, pedal points, hammer-ons from nowhere, string skipping arpeggios, trills, hybrid picking, legato technique, and volume swells with a dotted eighth note delay. Although the examples sound impressive performed at a fast tempo, the student should practice with a metronome at a slow enough tempo to play steadily with the beat and without mistakes.