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Watch the Classical Chord Progression online guitar lesson by Dave Celentano from Classical Concepts for Rock Guitar

Here's a fantastic string skipping exercise using major, minor, and diminished arpeggios. The arpeggios follow a popular chord progression used in classical music (and since then has shown up in many other genres including neo-classical shred, spanish, and pop music). The example is in A minor and ascends diatonically in fourths from the root chord A minor. To find the next chord begin on A and count four scale degrees up from A which is D. The D chord in A minor is D minor, so D minor is the second chord in the progression. For the third chord count four diatonic scale notes up from D minor and arrive at G. The G chord in this key is major, so G major is the chord that directly follows D minor. Continue the rest of the progression in this manner until arriving back at the tonic chord A minor. The resulting chord progression is: Am - Dm - G - C - F - Bdim - E - Am.