Watch the Jason's Gear online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from 50 Rockabilly Licks You MUST Know

I couldn't be more appreciative of my endorsement from Bill Nash. I have a couple of his telecasters. The one I'm using in this course is a modified T-52. It has a Jason Lollar Charlie Christian pickup, Lollars in the bridge, Bigsby, reversed switch plate and no bevel on the edge of the frets. When I got it I switched the volume pot to have a really even sweep and the tone pot to have a fast sweep. I also use Gibson, Danelectro, Eastwood, guitars.

I was using a few different pedals in this course. One was the Keeley Compressor which I use very subtly. I find it really helps with evening out attacks when I'm Travis picking. For overdrive I use the Box of Rock by Zvex. Very realistic, dynamic overdrive with a boost switch that has tons of headroom. I always have this pedal with me no matter what the gig is. Finally, for slapback I use the Strymon El Capistan tape delay. Here's a short list of other gear I endorse - D'Addario strings (.10-.42) Dimarzio pickups, Pedaltrain Pedalboards and 65 Amps.

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