Watch the 50 Rockabilly Licks You MUST Know online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from 50 Rockabilly Licks You MUST Know

Thanks for checking out my 50 Rockabilly Licks You Must Know video. I had a lot of fun putting this course together. It was really important to me to not just expose you to a wide variety of concepts and techniques but also how they're used in the sections of a song. I hope this has been a great introduction to rockabilly for those of you who are new to the style and inspiring for players who have been chipping away at this style for a while. Jump around and find a lick that inspires you, learn it and then begin writing variations, put it in different keys and improvise with the concept. If you want to check out my music or see when I'll be performing please visit me at or visit my label I just released a record called Peach Crate that is now available everywhere and I would love for all of you to check it out. It's been a pleasure working with the TrueFire family and I look forward to seeing all of you in future courses.

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