Watch the Gentle Giant online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know

Arpeggiating chords with open strings is a standard guitar compositional tool. But, the real proof in the pudding is your ability to not sound predictable or unoriginal when calling upon those chimey open 1st and 2nd strings. Taking static chord shapes while adding a ringer in bar 4, Jake E. Lee gives us the intro to "Killer of Giants", from the Ozzy Osbourne album The Ultimate Sin. Treated with just the right amount of time based processing the second and third three-note power chords are made into more sophisticated maj7 and 6sus2 chords respectively as a result of the use of open strings. At bar 4 the Bb major bottom four string grip is transformed into a cryptic sounding Bb(b9/#11) making for a tense, yet very cool segue to the next section of arpeggiations.

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